Bankruptcy / Debt Defense

If you are wrestling with debt, call us to discuss your options.  Many individuals in financial crises wait too long for financial assistance.  Some people take on more debt such as home equity loans or empty their retirement accounts in efforts to pay off debt.  The long-term effects can be disastrous.  

You should consider all possible options before deciding how to handle your finances.  

Maybe you need to consider a bankruptcy, maybe you only have one account of this nature, or maybe you are somewhere in the middle.  Everyone’s situation is unique and our representation is tailored to your needs because we offer both debt defense and bankruptcy representation.  

There is a common misconception that filing bankruptcy is simply filling out forms.  

In reality, some bankruptcies are extraordinarily complicated while others are fairly straightforward.  Similarly, many people feel hiring an attorney for a debt collection case is pointless.  Though it can be cheaper to handle such cases on your own, many times it is not.

At your initial appointment, we will review your overall financial fitness and help you decide your best solution.  Additionally, to keep our services more affordable, our rates are based on a flat fee with the option of installment payments.